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It's been a while, crocodile!

It's been a while, crocodile!

A lot has been happening around Souzza! We’ve all been pretty busy, but if you’ve stopped in to socialize, you’ve probably seen some of our improvements! And not only are we improving, but we’re getting in the holiday spirit, too!

You’ve probably seen our decorations, if you’ve popped in. But that's only the beginning of our holiday festivities! On Friday, October 30th, we're hosting a Halloween soiree, and you are invited! There will be one-night only flavors, spooky decor, and a fortune teller reading your tarot all night long for free! It sounds pretty phenomenal to us.

Even with all of our planning for the festivities, we’ve had time to put in a special order with our very own local glassblower! Justin has come through once more to bring us absolutely phenomenal work. And this time, all of the work is UV reactive! That's right, not only are these pieces beautiful in normal light, but they are absolutely amazing in blacklight! 

Be sure to stop in soon to grab a one of a kind piece to take home, and stop by on the 30th to enjoy our festivities! And make sure to taste our very own blend of Pumpkin Cheesecake, made with VaperMate flavors, before it runs out! This flavor will soothe the basic in your heart, and keep you enjoying fall until the end of November! 

See you soon!

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