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Who, what, or where in the H-E-double hockey sticks, is Souzza?

Have you heard of Souzza? Do you know what it is? 
Exactly our point.
We want you to be able to shop discreetly. 
It started with 

Our Brick and Mortar store started from just a domain name; back in 2013! Sheesh, that's how many years ago? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... who knows... it was a long time ago. 

Souzza represents a team of people working towards supplying you with quality products, both online and in our store! 

Working with multiple suppliers in the United States, we are able to ship anywhere around the country from our website; If you don't see something online, most likely it's in our store. Stop in and check out our 3,500+ products in our 4,000 sq. ft. showroom!

CBD and terpenes in multiple forms, e-Juice, local glass work, wax and oil and juice vaporizers, hand pipes and water pipes, incense, tattoo ink and needles and supplies, cones, papers, screens, grinders, baggies, disc golf, shisha and hookahs and coals, bath products, detox, artwork, scales, gifts, ashtrays, oil warmers, handmade accessories, clothing and apparel, hemp products, rolling trays, titanium and glass and ceramic nails, e-cigarette batteries and mods and tanks, posters, zippo brand, butane, lighters and torches, lighter leashes and so much more from hundreds of brands!

Did you know, Souzza has created many other websites and mobile games throughout the years of being in business?

Check out some of our other digital media.

WEBSITES (coming soon)
Vape store directory. This directory concentrates on vape shops, vape lounges, vape conventions and even vape distributors!

You are on this site currently. (coming soon)
Supplying you with skincare, moisturizers, fragrances, candles and more from top brands around the world.

A huge collection of quotes, tweets, facebook posts, one-liners and more all in one place! View our nicely categorized website to easily search for the perfect quote for you. Submit your own for your mark on the web!


In Lab
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Panda Jumper
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Election: The Game
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Mini Mouse Labyrinth
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