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We're 2 Years Old!

We're 2 Years Old!

Or we will be, on December 5th! And to celebrate, we’re having a little bit of a party. Recently, we’ve introduced Shakra fruit shisha to our lounge-sixteen different flavors, in fact! It’s been a successful introduction, but in order to really spread the word on how phenomenal this shisha is,  we’re having a tasting party as our anniversary party!

The party will be held Saturday, December 5th, this year, and for just $5, you can enjoy sixteen different flavors of hookah—that’s over eight and a half hours of smoking for just $5! There are more details to be announced on our social media sites, so make sure that you keep an eye on those for updates!

Speaking of social media, we’re extremely close to 1000 likes on Facebook! We’ve hit the 950 likes mark, which means that we’re announcing a giveaway that is worth more than $100! It includes all sorts of nifty things, including brand new products, like our Pulsar disposable wax pen, as well as old standbys, like incense, a fantastic, one of a kind bubbler, kratom items, and more!

Make sure to spread the word, and get us some more likes on Facebook, and when we reach 1000, we’ll announce a winner of this fantastic gift package—and maybe it’ll be you!

Stop by soon!

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