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Goodbye, Summer!

Goodbye, Summer!

Okay, so maybe there’s an entire month of summer left, in all reality. But, it can feel like summer has slipped away after all of the holidays have passed! So, to give you a last taste of summer, we’ve mixed up two amazing custom blends for the lounge! Strawberry Daiquiri and Creamsicle have hit the lounge and they are amazing. I can tell you that personally, as I created both!

Strawberry Daiquiri is an all-fruit blend that tastes exactly like your favorite drink, with a sweet smoke with a slight hint of cold mint to keep your hookah tasting like a drink by the beach all night long. A Sprite base gives this hookah its signature buzz! 

Creamsicle is a fruit and shisha stone mix that is straight from the ice cream truck, with a sweet vanilla streak, overarched by crisp, sweet orange. An orange soda base gives this cold treat an extra kick, making your orange flavor last all night!

But, the lounge isn’t the only part of the store that’s gotten a few new treats. If you’ve been into the shop in the past few days, you’ve seen that both of our glass cases and our water-pipe wall are stocked to the brim! Import glass is in and it’s waiting in all of it’s colorful glory to be snatched up, and Pulsar has brought you some of the best water pipes in town. 

And how could I let you guys go without mentioning the newest pieces from Justin Hurst of Journeyman Glassworks to hit the shelves? Two beautiful, opaque purple pieces of art, both with mesmerizing swirls and topped off with a hit of bright green slime glass! Ashley loves these pieces and hopes that they walk out the door together, in the hands of a couple! So if you stop in and buy the pair with your sweetheart in mind, you’ll save $5! We’re all suckers for love here at Souzza. But, don’t worry, single friends. We keep you in mind, and we’ll have tons of pieces and fun things coming up for you!

We officially have a new face here at Souzza! Although you’ve probably met him before, Cole is now officially a member of the Souzza Team! Congratulate him and make sure to let him know what a fantastic job he’s doing! And if you’re planning on attending MGK’s Block Party, keep an eye out for a bunch of the Souzza crew! And if you happen to be reading this, MGK, Souzza loves you and we’d absolutely love to have you stop in! Ashley may or may not faint.

Come enjoy a taste of summer with us here at Souzza, and walk out of the door with a brand new pipe to end your night right. 


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