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Glass, Glass, Glass!

Glass, Glass, Glass!

You’ve read that right—Souzza has fully stocked back up on custom, local glass and the pieces this time around are absolutely phenomenal. Justin of Journeyman Glassworks has outdone himself with some of these pieces this time around, including a gorgeous collaborative rig that actually glows in the dark!

Our adult shop is also brimming with new items, with toys flying off of the shelves every day! With the diversity we offer, you’re guaranteed to find something to fit your needs. 

In other news, if you were at Midwest Reggae Festival this weekend, you’ll have seen Zach and Ashley wandering around! I hope you got a chance to say hello and grab a flyer! Even if you didn’t, you’re always more than welcome to pop into the shop and say hello. Walk out with some shisha, a custom pipe, or a new vapor juice while you’re at it!

We at Souzza are still hoping to hear from you about possible events that you’d love to see in the lounge, and if you know of any events that could use a vendor like us, give me a heads up! I’d love to hear your suggestions. In fact, come in and we’ll talk about it over a hookah, made by yours truly. I’ll be extra happy if you allow me to throw a concoction together. Mixing up new flavors has been my favorite past time this week, and I’m more than happy to share my creations with you!

Belly has made its debut in the shop and everyone’s loving those points—and the 5% off you get when you register! Not only do you benefit from registering for Belly, but so do we. With Belly, we can track if you’re a repeat customer or if you’re brand new to our shop, send you emails about updates on a frequent basis, and we can also receive feedback about our shop from the very people who matter the most—you, our customers!

So stop on by today to see our brand new products and sign up for Belly, or just to take a moment and smoke a hookah with us, today!

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