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Events are a-comin'!

Events are a-comin'!

It’s been a while since Souzza has had an all-out party, guys. It’s been too long, in my opinion. So with this in mind, we’ve decided to set up a little suggestion box in our store for this very reason. We’re coming to you, our Souzza clientele, to ask: what events would you like to see in the lounge? If enough of you agree, you might be lucky enough to see your idea come to life at Souzza! Just scribble down your suggestion during your trip and hand it over to your server! It really is that simple to see your desires come to fruition at Souzza!

But, we at Souzza are not satisfied with that alone. We’re taking our events on the go! Not only do you have the opportunity to see Michelle and I drinking it up with our fellow geeks at Buzzbin this Wednesday (come say hi and grab a picture—you’ll thank me in the future!) but we’re also branching out to festivals this year. Zach and Ashley will be going to the Midwest Reggae Fest at Clay’s Park, taking place July 31st until August 2nd, handing out flyers and generally having fun. If you bump into them, make sure to say hello and wish them a happy anniversary! It’s been two years since these crazy kids got together, and they’re still going strong!

Souzza is also planning on sending a couple of our fabulous employees over to the Summerdance festival taking place at none other than Nelson Ledges Quarry Park over the Labor Day weekend! We'll be testing the waters of the vending world, so make sure to stop by, say hello, and purchase some necessities! Souzza is counting on you guys to make this event one to remember, and if you do, we promise to come back bigger and better next year, with a surprise in tow!

Stop by the shop to see some fantastic new pieces, and we’ve already had to restock the fantastic Pulsar pieces I filled you in on last week because they are flying off of the shelves! And between you and I, it won’t be too long before we’re filling our local glass case to the brim with amazing new pieces from artists Justin and Nick!

In employee news, Vic is out of town for the weekend, but will be making his comeback on Monday! So stop by to say hello and while he’s away, you get to spend some more time with me! Both Michelle and Ashley are back in the shop and busting out new orders and inventory daily, and our very own Spaceman Zach is floating around, making sure Souzza is improving with every moment!

Keep an eye out, though—soon, you may be seeing a new face (or two!) around Souzza!

As for me, I’m just bringing you the scoop from Souzza every week. There are huge announcements around the corner, and big things in the future of Souzza, and I’m here to fill you in on it all. Don’t miss out! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates about events, products, and new announcements! Who knows, you may get to snap up an opportunity to see our faces, our events, and our shenanigans in a whole new way!

See you all very soon!


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