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Ashley is Never Satisfied

Ashley is Never Satisfied

If any of you happen to know our fantastic General Manager, Ashley, you’ll know that she’s absolutely never satisfied with the variety of product that we provide to you-which is why the shop is constantly expanding! And since she's now officially back from vacation, she’s brought some great vaping products to the shop!

We fully cater to all of your liquid vaping needs, including a delicious variety of juices and juice mixes through VaperMate, but now we’re able to fully cater to your wax and dry vaping needs, as well! Although we’ve always carried separate batteries and globes, we can now offer you Pulsar products that are specifically designed to give you the best wax and dry vape that you’ve ever tasted!

Among some of our new products is the Pulsar 7-a dry herb vaporizing kit that is the portable vaporizer that put Pulsar on the map-and brought it into our store! The Pulsar 7 is one of the top contenders in the dry-vaping world right now, and for good reason. It gives you the smoothest and most even hit you’ve dreamt of all along due to a ceramic-post heating element and a 650 mAh rechargeable battery, all wrapped up in a sleek, modern, and compact design. This vaporizer is not only awesome but easy to use for even the most novice vaper, and powerful enough for the pickiest vaper!

Little brother to the Pulsar 7 is the Ninja V3, a wax-only portable vaporizer that features a cylindrical coil wax atomizer and 350 mAh battery, packing a huge punch into a stealthy little unit. It comes with everything you could need, and is sneaky enough for even your most overt vaper.

The third unit in our Pulsar family is the Lux-D, which is the bigger, badder brother to the Pulsar 7! The Lux-D is a dry herb vaporizer that uses a sleek design to hide a powerhouse battery, and it is fitted with a completely adjustable temperature scale ranging from 200*F all the way to 428*F! The LED unit also informs you of your battery life, the actual temperature, and desired temperature! Making this unit even more phenomenal is the double-circulation heating system, which ensures even heating and energy efficiency! 

Lastly, we introduce for your vaping pleasure, the Pulsar Axis! The most versatile of the Pulsar vaporizer line, the Axis is the father of our little Pulsar family, bringing you a three-in-one vaping experience that cannot be compared. Enjoy all of your vaping styles with the Axis by simply switching between one of the two atomizers, and rest assured that you’re getting the smoothest vape possible. 

While you’re stopping in to pick up the newest piece of your vaporizer collection, take a moment to peruse our freshly stocked Fantasia and Fumari tobacco shisha! Grab some Al-Fakher Quicklights and improve your night with a hookah. 

Finally, our very own Michelle will be back this upcoming Wednesday sporting a brand new tan, and the Souzza family will once again be complete! Make sure to stop by and say hello to cheer her up. We’re sure she’s going to miss the sun and sand of Florida!

Love, your favorite blogger,


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