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Hookah is the cure for everything!

Hookah is the cure for everything!

Including this heat! The temperatures show no sign of lowering, so instead of sweating it out in the hot sun, why not come enjoy a delicious hookah with us at Souzza in the blessed, free air conditioning? Temperatures like this are definitely a fantastic reason to take advantage of our early hours. And if you’d like to escape the boredom of your night, you’re more than welcome to drop by anytime in the evening, as well! We’re open late just for you.

But, not only do we serve delicious hookahs, we also provide everything you need to enjoy a fantastic hookah in your own air conditioning! At home, we mean.

That’s right, folks. Our hookahs are fully restocked, and while our beloved Khalil Mamoon Prince has gone to a good home, we already have a new Khalil Mamoon hookah for you to take home! He’s very handsome, if I do say so myself, complete with a black and gold stem and a black hose. He’s the perfect addition to your home decor! 

If the Khalil Mamoon is not to your liking, we have several other hookahs that we could set you up with so that you can enjoy smoking whenever you’d like! While relaxing at night! Hanging out with friends! At breakfast! We even endorse smoking at work! You know we do. 

Our fully stocked hookahs, plus our fully stocked selection of Fumari shisha equals one delicious hookah for you tonight, at home! Or, if you'd like, enjoy a delicious hookah with us at Souzza! We’d love to hang out with you for a while.

In other news, the Souzza team will be heading to Summerdance! So in between dancing and enjoying the music, make sure to stop by our vending station! We’re going to be providing lots of goodies for you! And make sure to say hi to Zach and Ashley while you’re there!

Also, if you haven’t already, feel free to drop an event suggestion into our suggestion box, our email (!) or our Facebook messages! You can suggest anything from events you think that we should be vending, events that we should have in the lounge, or even entertainment suggestions! We’d love the opportunity to hear your opinion, and you’ll personally be making my day! 

Signing off from the air-conditioned haven that is Souzza, 


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