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Hookah [hoo k-uh]

Hookah [hoo k-uh]

a.k.a. qulyân, huqqa

The hookah, or qulyân, is an upright water pipe used to smoke tobacco or cannabis from a hose that is first filtered through water. Originating in the 1560s in Persia, India, before tobacco was introduced in that area; cannabis was most commonly smoked in India at this time.

The hookah was invented by Hakim Abdoul Futteh Ghilani, a physician working for the emperor "Akbar the Great". 

So let me get this straight... the emperor, hundreds of years ago was smoking a hookah filled with cannabis? That's right!

Once tobacco was introduced, using it in the hookah became more common and eventually became a tradition between common hookah smokers. 

A hookah consists of several pieces and parts. The following list are the most common parts that make up a typical hookah. 

How to setup your hookah. Hookah setup and Parts Needed

1. Ceramic Bowl

2. Rubber Grommet

3. Charcoal Tray

4. Stem

5. Air Purge

6. Downstem

7. Base Grommet

8. Base

9. Hose

To learn how to setup your hookah click here.

The word "hookah" comes from the Hindustani word "huqqa".

Used all over the world today, hookah has remained a forever long tradition in many parts of the world.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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