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How to setup your hookah

Hookah Setup

When setting up your hookah, you should use caution handling glass and hot coals.

Fill the glass base with water to about 1-2 inches above the bottom of the downstem. The bottom of your downstem should be submerged.

Most modern hookahs come pre-assembled with the base grommet, base, air purge, hose connector and your hose rubber grommet all connected.

Fit the downstem to your stem. Most downstems screw in, spinning clockwise into the bottom of the stem.

Next fit your stem to the glass base using the base grommet. Your downstem (already attached to the stem) should go down into your base and the water.

Put your charcoal tray on the top of your stem and affix the bowl using the rubber grommet.

Using a grommet, next insert the hose into the stem. You will see at least one place for your hose. If you have a multi hose hookah, you will need to do this step for each hose.

To check for air leaks, place your hand over the bowl head and draw through your hose. If everything is fine, you should feel a pull on your hand and see bubbles in the water.

If these are not happening, chances are air is escaping from somewhere else. I'd check to make sure you've used grommets in the correct areas and assure those are tight and sealed. 

Next, once you know your hookah is airtight, fill the bowl with shisha. Make sure your soaked tobacco is level with the bowl.

Some hookahs come with a coal screen. If you have a coal screen, this would be placed on top of the bowl. If you do not have a coal screen, you can use foil wrapped over the top of your bowl; making sure it is flat and tight. Next, poke tiny holes into the top of the foil using a poker tool or thumbtack.

Light your coals outside or in a well ventilated area. Some coals are "insta-lights" and can be lit with a lighter. Other coals need to be lit with a coal burner and lit using a 


How to setup your hookah - pieces and parts


It is highly recommended to wash your hookah properly after every use, especially when changing flavors. 

Brush the insides of the metal mid-section (stem) with a cleaning brush.

Wash the glass base after each use with warm water.

Discard any water after each use.

Don't run water through the hose!

Simply blow into your hose after each use to get rid of residue build up.