Piece Water Solution



Piece Water is an all natural water pipe filtration liquid. It keeps your piece clean while you smoke. 

Proprietary blend of all natural - food grade - mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts. 

Water pipe fills per bottle: this depends on the size of your water pipe. A 12" water pipe holds roughly 2 oz. of water. In this case, a 12 oz. bottle of Piece Water Solution can have 6+ fills for your water pipe. 

Water pipe hits per fill: this depends on user preference. You can change your Piece Water Solution as often as you'd like. Our customers report great results remain after 40 bowls or even more for concentrates!

When you are ready to change your Piece Water Solution, simply rinse your water pipe with tap water and it will be clean.

How does it work?: Piece Water Solution has a stronger molecule-to-molecule bond strength that entraps particulate and stops resin from forming.


1. Start with a clean water pipe

2. Shake Piece Water Solution gently

3. Add Piece Water Solution to water pipe at desired levels

4. Enjoy


12 oz. bottle (355 mL)

Handcrafted in small batches

Water replacement


One (1) 12 oz. bottle of Piece Water Solution

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