Lighter Pick All-In-One Smoking Tool



This lightweight compact dugout is perfect for any smoker on the go or at home. Waterproof and soft to the touch coating, this all-in-one smokers tool comes with a one hitter cigarette bat and flat tip and a 2' retractable pick to stir your pipe or clean it out. Not to mention the LighterPick dugout holds a mini bic lighter, has a stash spot for 2 grams of dry herbs and is smell and water-proof. 

Oh, did I mention it was made in the USA?!?!?! NICE!


3.5" plastic dugout

Waterproof and smell proof

Holds cigarette bat, mini lighter, poker and 2 grams


All-In-One dugout by LighterPick ™ 

One (1) cigarette bat

One (1) Retractable poker pick

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