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Herbal Chef Butter Maker - 1 or 2 Sticks

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Make your own butter suitable for baking, cooking, or simply spreading on your toast.

This stainless steel butter maker combines the fat soluble vitamins in butter with the flavor and health benefits of various herbs. It makes for a delicious and simple condiment. 


Large - 2 sticks of butter

Small - 1 stick of butter

Skip the mess and hours needed with traditional DIY herbal infusions.

Finished product in as little as 10 minutes

Stainless Steel

Limited Lifetime Warranty


Upper Chamber


Release Valve

Lower Chamber


Prep: It is always recommended to de-carb your herbal materials before any infusion. Decarboxylization allows the material to reach maximum potency.

To de-carb, preheat preheat oven or toaster oven to 240 degrees, place your entire finely ground herbal material in a covered baking dish and place on center rack for 45-50 minutes. Remove and place in freezer, with lid on, to cool down quickly.

While that is cooling, cut 1 stick of butter into, roughly, 1" cubes and lightly mash them into bottom of the lower chamber with your fingers.

For oil, substitute butter with ½ cup oil (coconut oil is a versatile choice).

Next, fill the bottom chamber with water  to just below the pressure release valve. Filling above the valve can cause the unit to not operate properly.

Place the filter into the bottom chamber, through the butter or oil and begin filling it with finely ground herbal material. Fill it to just below the lip and do not pack! Use approximately ¼ oz. Packing too tight will make it harder for the maker to infuse properly.

Infuse: Re-attach bottom chamber to the top securely and place the maker on your cold stove eye (keep handle away from direct heat). Set the eye about a third of the way towards high. You may find setting it to medium will be just fine. Too much heat can damage your maker.

After several minutes of cooking (approx. 10 minutes), you should be hearing gurgling, boiling sounds. Also, some steam should be coming from the top. The upper chamber will close to ¾ full. Remove from the heat.

Tip: At this point, you can get even more potency by running through this process a second time. After allowing to cool to the touch, pour your infusion back into the bottom chamber and start the process over, keeping the same ground material in the filter as before.

Cool Off: Pour your infusion liquid from the top chamber into an appropriate container. Preferably glass and easy to handle. You can remove the oil from the top with a ladle after the water has separated and sank to the bottom; OR you can place into the fridge or freezer and wait for the oil on top to fully harden. Cut a triangular hole in the upper crust, then another on the opposite side. Pour the separated water out from beneath and discard.

Tip: If you have used a squarish container, cut your holes into two opposite corners for easier pouring.

Bonus Tip: When finished running your infusion cycles, empty the material from the filter into a cheesecloth, or similar microfiber, and once cool to the touch, squeeze the excess oil in with the rest.

Store: Now that you have some infused butter or oil slabs, pat excess water off, place into a container which will allow you to re-warm at a very low temperature. Heat just enough to allow the butter or oil to be easily poured into a storage container or mold. We recommend using the Herbal Chef Silicone Spatulas in assistance.