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New Procedures and Policies

New Procedures and Policies

Hey everyone! 

Things have changed in the world we live and work. We have made updates to our store and policies within Souzza. 

Shield Up

First thing's first. We have hung plexiglass shields in front of the register. They're hard to hear through and a pain in the booty, but these plexiglass shields are there for everyone's protection during this time.

Markings on the floor for social distancing during cover-19



All employees of Souzza, while in the building must wear a face mask. This is once again for the safety of everyone during this time. Will these be permanent? Probably not, but they are for now. Until Governor Mike DeWine gives us the okay to not have to wear masks anymore, we're following protocols for this pandemic. 

Customers do not have to wear masks in the store. 

Raw face mask at Souzza


Every opening shift and closing shift has a number of things to sanitize. We are sanitizing areas that are commonly touched such as door handles and the register.

Occupancy & Social Distancing

At this time, we are allowing up to 10 customers in the store at one time. We have also laid out marks on the floor that are 6' apart from one another. It is everyone's job to maintain social distancing. Please be respectful of others around you.


We've been getting a lot of people asking if they will be permanent. To simply answer your question, yes. It's looking to us as though the plexiglass shields will become a permanent fixture in the store. The sanitizing of door handles, the register and other commonly touched items will also remain after the pandemic is over.

What now?

With these new policies and procedures in place, we are doing our best to do our part to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We believe it is a collaboration of everyone doing their part during this time to recover from this pandemic. 

If you have further questions, please reach out to us by phone or email or leave a comment below.

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