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Zen Metal Auto Roll Box - Multiple Sizes

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This roller is effortless by design. easy to operate and built with earth friendly materials (high-strength polystyrene). Zen has used only high quality materials since 1998, proving longevity and quality. Get one of these durable rollers that lasts!

Comes in 70mm, 79mm and 110mm


Soft coated aprons used to prevent ripping and stretching.

Made from high strength polystyrene

Polished and coated protective casing

Easy to use


1. Open the box lid and fill the trough of the apron with tobacco. Take care not to fill too much as this can make the machine difficult to operate.

2. Lightly moisten the gummed edge of the paper and place in the tough behind the tobacco. Make sure the gummed edge is facing you and is at the top.

3. Start closing the lid slowly in order to engage the paper. Close the box with slow and continuous pressure on both sides of the lid.

4. A perfectly rolled cigarette will appear through the closed lid. Remove and enjoy!