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Tri Pawd Glassworks Multi Colored Hand Blown Nectar Collector - White & Lemon Slime

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Another one of a kind piece worth talking about

This high quality borosilicate nectar collector is a design unlike any others. The artist and creator, Nick O'Hara, has made a truly unique and eye catching design that fits perfectly in your hand. Easy use and execution!

A high grade titanium collector nail is included with each nectar collector.


  • Tri Pawd Glassworks multi colored nectar collector, blown by Nick O'Hara.
  • Tri Pawd Glassworks multi colored wax dish (matching), blown by Nick O'Hara.
  • 14mm High grade titanium collector nail.

About the Artist

Nick O'Hara, the glass artist featured in HQ Trade Magazine April 2018, and Tri Pawd, his three legged rescue pit bull have teamed up to create "Tri Pawd Glassworks". 

Based in Ohio, Nick uses highly durable borosilicate glass and some pretty wicked colors! Each creation is slightly different with colors and emotion. Just talking with Nick and seeing his passion for glass working makes him one of our favorite artists. 

"It's been nine years of hard work, trial and error, and lots of teaching myself new things." - Nick O'Hara, courtesy of HQ Trade Magazine 2018.

"I try not to follow the other glassblowers that are out there just because I don't want my inspiration to be swayed by what they have made." -  Nick O'Hara, courtesy of HQ Trade Magazine 2018.