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Local Honey Glass and CiciKittyGlass WigWag Tech Kitty Rig Water Pipe

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This beautiful piece of art, made by collaborators Cici Kitty Glass and Local Honey Glass, is a shaped like a kitty (CiciKittyGlass's signature style) and styled with wig wags, dicro and exquisite craftsmanship by Local Honey Glass.

Check out the details and intricate artistry in this one of a kind water pipe. Made from borosilicate glass and lamp-worked into a galaxy kitty.


Stands 7" tall

10mm male 45º banger nail included

Handmade in the United States

Collaboration between Local Honey Glass and Cici Kitty Glass


Cici Kitty Glass

Cici Kitty Glass is an emerging talent in the world of glass blowing, known for her unique and intricate designs. Over the past 4 years, she has honed her skills in lampworking, a technique of glass blowing using a torch to melt the glass before shaping it. With a passion for creating one-of-a-kind pieces, Cici Kitty has traveled across the United States, collaborating with other renowned artists to expand her repertoire and push the boundaries of glass art.

Her collaborations and distinct style have garnered attention within the glass art community, leading to her being a featured artist at major conventions, including Glass Vegas 2024. This event is a significant milestone in her career, offering a platform to showcase her work to a wider audience of enthusiasts and collectors.

Cici Kitty Glass's dedication and innovative approach to glass blowing make her a talent to watch in the coming years as she continues to evolve and leave her mark on the art world.

Local Honey Glass

Based out of Akron, Ohio, Local Honey Glass is a seasoned glass blower, renowned for his functional glass artwork designed specifically for smokers. With many years of experience, he first began making waves in the industry, supplying Souzza with his glass pieces in 2016. His dedication and craftsmanship have enabled him to pursue his passion full-time, traveling and collaborating with various artists to create unique and captivating pieces.

The name "Local Honey Glass" reflects the hypnotic flow of glass as it heats and transforms, akin to honey, a nod to the mesmerizing process of glass blowing itself. Beyond his art, he is a staunch advocate for the local community. He champions a movement that celebrates individuality, creativity, and the dynamic spirit of local artists. His commitment to community and craft makes Local Honey Glass a respected and influential figure in the world of glass art, continuously inspiring others with his work and advocacy.