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Hicdogg #1 Heady Dragon Skull Worked Water Pipe

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This one of a kind dragon's skull made entirely of borosilicate glass is truly a head turner. The styling is like no other! The marbles are exquisite! There is so much to say about this beauty and it's hard to put into words that can accurately describe how much I stare at it.

You must see this in person, the pictures do it no justice. The shaped horns and teeth in that open mouth draw your eye to the water pipe, then you start to notice the intricate details, the marbling and shaping. Every detail was uniquely placed; the open skull design adds so much depth to this dragon.

Hicdogg did an excellent job crafting this water pipe. The mouthpiece is in the front as if you're giving this scary dragon a kiss on the booper. Pack a bowl or slap a banger nail with the good stuff and let er rip. 


10.5" long

6.5" tall

Made with borosilicate glass


James Lynch, known professionally as Hicdogg, is a celebrated American flameworker with a career spanning over two decades.** His journey into the art of glassblowing began in 1997 at the tender age of 17, where he first honed his craft in his father's garage. This early exposure to the world of glass art laid the foundation for what would become a distinguished career in the field.

Today, Hicdogg operates out of his private studio in Arizona, where his creativity and skill continue to flourish. Over the years, he has earned recognition as one of the nation's top glass blowers and collaborators, a testament to his dedication and artistry. His signature piece, the "Cannabull Skull", showcases his unique blend of traditional glassblowing techniques with contemporary themes. This iconic motif, featured prominently in his work, has captivated audiences and collectors alike.

Hicdogg's art transcends mere aesthetics, offering a glimpse into a world where glass becomes a medium of profound expression. His pieces are not just visually striking but also embody a deeper narrative, making each creation a story in itself. His work serves as a testament to his mastery of the craft and his ability to continually innovate within it.

As he continues to push the boundaries of glass art, Hicdogg remains a pivotal figure in the American art scene, inspiring both upcoming artists and enthusiasts with his passion and ingenuity.