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Souzza is 10 Years in the Making!

Souzza is 10 Years in the Making!

Souzza is Celebrating 10 years serving our community

Souzza has been through ups and downs, left and right turns, policy changes, law changes, a pandemic and so much more that it's hard to know where to start.

When we first opened in 2013, we had a great idea of adding a hookah lounge to our community, with some needed effort, we took off. We very soon realized carrying products is a must, as quickly as possible; of course this is because of our amazing customers! 

Without hesitation, we got to work. How to find the best products, where do we get them, what types of licenses will we need to expand our product scope, all these questions came into view along with about a million others.  We started with hookahs, parts and shisha for sale with hand pipes and papers. 

To imagine this, take a look at this picture, which was taken July 31st 2013. We just moved in. 

Souzza before it was Souzza

There's nothing there right?! lol We have been busy since that day! Soon after that empty picture, we leased out the unit that was available next to us and this is what we became... The first picture is the empty unit you just saw and the second is the lounge area we connected to.

Souzza Brick and Mortar store 2013

Souzza Lounge back in 2013

Within a few months we expanded into the 3rd unit directly next to us and connected them all to make one big store and lounge!

It's hard to think we went from 3 small units connected to each other to this 4,000 sq. ft. monster just 2 years later in 2015....

Moving into Souzza's 4,000 sq. ft. showroom

Souzza in our new home

I've always known, a business solves answers, but I never realized how many questions would be thrown our way. Persistent and determined, we worked day in and day out to answer these questions. Knowing what questions to answer is also something we found out along the way. Eventually Souzza got to a point where the questions changed from how do we start, to how do we grow and maintain? 

After 10 years of evolving, learning and doing better, we've come to a milestone not many small businesses make it to. What a journey it has been for us. Being extremely excited about the opportunities our community has given us, makes us think about the future. How are we going to offer more and do more? How are we expanding from here and what impact will that have? 

Well, let me tell you a little secret, we'll be adding some of our very own unique products. After 10 years of seeing what others are creating and how we can make things better and at a better price, we've realized, we need to make it happen. Stay on the lookout for updates to our branded items mission.

For those of you who haven't been into our store in a while, or to those of you who only shop online, let me show you a few pictures of our showroom currently. Our space has been filled! Our team is always here (at least from 11am-11pm), working to make this a better place to shop and to feel welcomed and comfortable. Not to mention our additional 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse!

Souzza 2023 #4

Souzza 2023 #1

Souzza 2023 #2

Souzza 2023 #3

It's all thanks to our wonderful customers, our team, our distributors and our experience; all giving us the edge to take Souzza to the next level! Thank you for allowing us to keep going!
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