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How to Make a Vapor Hookah

How to Make a Vapor Hookah

Things that you’ll need:

-vapor head such as Square



-hookah base

-hookah stem

-hookah hose

-hose grommet


How to Make a Vapor HookStep One: 

Your Hookah! This part is all about assembling the bones of your hookah-your base and stem! If you’re a hookah veteran, you’ve probably already got this step down to a science and have it awaiting further instruction. If so, you can step ahead! If not, your first step is to fill your base with water. The sweet spot for this is measured by the stem of the hookah, which needs to be submerged. Your level of water simply needs to cover the bottom inch of your stem, but if you add more to your preference, that’s alright!

After you’ve filled your base with water, insert your stem, and voila, your first step is done!

Step Two:

Assemble your tank! The tank is the part of the vapor head that carries your juice and the coil that absorbs and burns it—it will likely be round, as you can see ours is in the picture. To assemble your tank, you’ll need an atomizer. It should fit into your tank snugly, leaving no spaces for juices to drip or leak. Your lid will remain off for right now! 

Step Three: 

Fill! You’re free to use any juice you’d like for this step, but you may have to adjust the heat due to thicker viscosity! If you’d like a custom blend from Souzza, you can try our Thin Mints recipe, blended to taste like the beloved Girl Scout cookie! Our juices are all VaperMate, which is max VG and Ohio-made! 

Our recipe for a 30ml bottle is:

1 pump Cool Ice

6 pumps Mojito

13 pumps Chocolate

I always try to use the mint flavors for any nicotine content present in the mix, as the chocolate can get somewhat harsh! But, mix up and enjoy!

Your atomizer should have some indicator of where it will be attached to the lid, and where you should stop, but in case it’s hard to tell, a good rule of thumb is just a bit above any “holes” in your coil. Twist your lid on and you’re ready to move on to Step Four! 

Step Four: 

Assemble your head! Your head may be able to be assembled two different ways—either by dropping the fully assembled tank into your carrier cartridge, which is the bottom half of your head. It will have a space for your tank to fit in snugly. Or, your head’s battery-that is, the top half, may have a port that fits the top of your tank. Make sure the lid is tightly sealed if this is the method you’re going to attempt, as the tank will have to be flipped onto the lid! 

If you’ve chosen the first method, of dropping your tank into the bottom half of the head, grab your battery and screw it on now. If you’ve chosen the second method, of flipping your tank onto the battery head, screw the bottom half of the head on now!

Apply the head to the hookah just as you’d apply a regular shisha head: the grommet will be applied to the male opening at the very top of the stem! It should fit snugly, but press it down firmly, without pressing too hard. You will feel when the grommet is snug!

Note: Your head may not come with a grommet already inserted into the female opening at the bottom. If this is the case, you’ll need two grommets! A head grommet, and a hose grommet. The head grommet will be placed on the male opening at the top of the stem first, before you apply the head.

Step Five:

Apply the hose grommet to the hose opening on the stem. Then, firmly push the hose base to the stem. Make sure that it cannot be easily pulled out, as this ensures a tight seal, and thus, a better smoking experience.

Step Six:


You’ve now successfully assembled a vapor-head hookah, and now can enjoy them anytime you like!

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