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1,000 Like Giveaway

1,000 Like Giveaway

If you’ve been following Souzza on social media, you’ll have noticed that recently, we were holding a giveaway! Once we reached 1,000 Likes on Facebook, we’d give away a prize package that was worth over $100—and we did just that! 

Our winner was chosen at random from all of the hundreds of people who follow us on Facebook, and our prize package included goodies like a Bubbler Bee water pipe, footlong papers, kratom, incense, and more! We finally reached 1,000, and P.J. Pruitt of Massillon, Ohio was our grand prize winner!

He was able to come and pick up the prize from our very owner, Zach, and got to go over all of the fun things that he won!

We loved doing this giveaway and can’t wait to do more, so stay tuned! 



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