SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig



This 20 second pre-heat dab rig icy SeshGear™ provides true flavor for concentrates. With the coil-less quartz atomizer, a 2000 mAh battery and the hands free mode, you get every bit of flavor and the perfect hit you've been needing. 

Coming with a 1 year end-user manufacturer's warranty, you can believe this dab rig is long lasting. The battery charges with a USB-C cable (included). The glass straw mouthpiece, downstem and base, coil-less quartz atomizer, charging cable and anything else needed to get going is already included in this dab rig kit.

Choose between 4 voltage settings between 2.5v and 3.5v.

Colors available

Ultramarine Green

Jet Black

Nobility Blue

Sleet Gray


Coil-less quartz atomizer

Provides true flavor for concentrates

Hands-free mode (20 seconds)

Hands-on mode

Glass straw mouthpiece, downstem and base

4 voltage settings (2.5v-3.5v)

2000 mAh battery

20 second pre-heat

USB-C charging

1-year end-user warranty


One (1) SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig full kit (choose your color)

One (1) Glass base jar

One (1) Carb cap and dab tool combo

One (1) Coil-less quartz cup

One (1) Airflow collar

One (1) Glass mouthpiece

One (1) Glass downstem

Four (4) Cotton Swabs

One (1) USB to USB-C charge cable


Coil-Less Atomizer

Carb Cap

Rig Collar

Glass Base Jar

Mouthpiece Tube

Downstem Diffuser

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