Raw Classic Shredder Grinder 2.5"



This "die hard" grinder comes with a PTFE washer so you can shred the way you want.The heavy duty structure shows you just how much thought RAW has put into this beautifully designed shredder. Holding it your hand, you feel the power before you start using this bad boy. 


2 Piece Grinder

2.5" (63.5mm) Width

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

PTFE Washer


2 Piece Raw Classic Shredder

PTFE Washer for smooth shredding

A Note from RAW

"The RAW Classic Shredder uses the most well-proven design for its teeth and operation. Sometimes classic and old school are the best way to ensure the most reliable and efficient cuts, shreds and grinds. Fully matured and developed, the RAW Classic Shredder is based on the logical evolution of the round grinder which has been around since 1874."

"We've been selling and grinding smokeable herbs and tobacco for 16 years. One fo the things we learned is that commercial grinders don't just grind, they also fluff the smokeable material. If you ever pick up a bulk bag of rolling tobacco, you'll see that the material isn't clump. It isn't just ground - it's fluffed. By fluffing the material it burns much better. Typical household grinders cause clumps. Clumps are very bad when it comes to smoke. They burn unevenly and sometimes fall off the end of the cigarette only partially burned, which is a terrible thing."

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