High Voltage XL Detox Shot


XL Detox Shot Combo - Not A Mask!

High Voltage Detox XL Detox Shot

Effects can last up to 10 hours!

For better results avoid unwanted toxins 24-48 hours.

Pre-cleanse if possible a day or two before by drinking 8 oz. of water per hour (while awake).

2oz. (60ml) Liquid & 12 Capsules Combo

Dietary Supoplement

Directions (One Hour Preparation)

1. Consume one Packet of Detox (6ct) capsules with 16oz. of water.

2. Wait 20 to 30 minutes and drink 16 oz. of water. Shake well and drink the 2oz. High Voltage liquid XL Shot and drink another 16 oz. of water.

It is normal to urinate in between steps

3. Wait 30 minutes and take second packet of Detox (6ct) capsules with 16 oz. of water.

Product is most effective after three normal sized urinations. Effects/Results can last of to 10 hours after product.

Maintain your daily water intake and stay hydrated by drinking 8 oz. of water every hour you're awake.

*Specially formulated for individuals with high toxin levels and/or over 200 lbs. 

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